IMG 876300"Welcome to our website. The staff of the Collaborative Governance Program and I encourage you to take a few minutes to look through our website and begin to learn more about the services we have provided and will continue to provide to the members of Civil Society and the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. Our program is funded through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), US Embassy’s Democracy Commission, and the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID) and is being implemented by the East West Management Institute. Our journey began in March of 2013 and will come to an end in September 2018. During this period, we will offer various forms of technical assistance, training, and grant funding support to  Kyrgyz civil society organizations and support for select governmental initiatives, including free access to justice, with the common goal of facilitating ever-increasing positive and productive interactions between civil society and their counterparts in the public and private sectors. Please visit our website to follow our progress but more importantly to follow the progress of the Kyrgyzstani women and men who make up this critical and vibrant aspect of the Kyrgyz community."

Garry Ledbetter, Chief of Party

Collaborative Governance Program

East-West Management Institute – Kyrgyz Republic. 



University and Vocational School Students Improve Knowledge on Access to Justice


Bishkek – On May 17, 2018 the Public Association "Kyrgyz Association of Women Judges", in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic... Read more

Representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and its Chui Territorial Units Study Monitoring and Evaluation Tools


The Development Policy Institute, with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program, conducted two workshops on the theme: "Monitoring and evaluation of public benefit projects under the State Social... Read more

Do not leave victims of violence without attention, react and call the police!


The below quest "To decide whether or not to take protection of your neighbors in cases of domestic violence" was developed as part of the campaign "Be informed - Law... Read more

USAID Collaborative Governance Program Promotes Implementation of Domestic Violence Law


On April 26, 2018, a conference was held in Bishkek to discuss the secondary legal acts to the Law on Safeguarding and Protection against Domestic Violence to present them to... Read more

USAID Supports the Ministry of Justice to Open Two Free Legal Aid Centers in Naryn and Kochkor


On April 19, 2018, the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic, with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP), inaugurated Free Legal Aid Centers (FLACs) in the... Read more

Seminar Was Held in Bishkek on the Theme: “State-Guaranteed Legal Aid: Practical Issues"


Over 60 representatives of state notary offices, lawyers, employees of the Ministry of Justice’s Center for Coordination of State-Guaranteed Legal Aid and Chui-Bishkek territorial unit of the Ministry of Justice... Read more

Ministry of Justice Conducts a Series of Seminars on State-Guaranteed Legal Aid in All Regions of Kyrgyzstan


From April 10-16, 2018, the Ministry of Justice’s Center for Coordination of State-Guaranteed Legal Aid held a series of seminars on the theme “State-Guaranteed Legal Aid: Practical Issues" in Jalal-Abad... Read more

Ministry of Justice Opens Two Free Legal Aid Centers in Naryn City and Kochkor Village of Naryn Oblast


On April 19, 2018, the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic, with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program, implemented by the East-West Management Institute, will inaugurate two... Read more

You have the right to free legal aid!


Where can you apply for free legal consultation? To find info, please see the below poster, created with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. The poster includes info... Read more

USAID Collaborative Governance Program conducts a series of Workshops for CSOs on successful and sustainable organizational development


In March 2018, 55 representatives from 31 CSOs of Osh, Batken, Issyk-Kul and Chui Oblasts and Bishkek participated in a two-day workshop on “The Foundations of Successful and Sustainable Organization... Read more

Bishkek Hosted a Workshop on Implementation of the Law “On Safeguarding and Protection against Domestic Violence”


On March 16, 2018, more than 50 representatives of civil society organizations and government bodies participated in the workshop aimed at analyzing the situation on domestic violence in Chui Oblast... Read more

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan Have Access to Online Resources of Court Cases at Sot.kg


All court cases and acts are available online at sot.kg in one click. The website was created to provide openness, transparency and publicity of the activities of the Supreme Court... Read more

What is Sot.kg? What information can you find on Sot.kg site?


Sot.kg is an online resource of court cases and judicial acts of the Kyrgyz Republic. Every citizen has access to the online database of judicial acts and court cases. For... Read more

KNU NPM Resource Center Hosts ProKG Leaders’ Guest Lecture with University Students


On February 20, 2018, over 40 students, and representatives of three CSOs participated in the guest lecture of three young leaders from ProKG project: Aigerim Usonova, Zarina Isakova, and Sultan... Read more

Protection Order Issued to Safeguard against Violence


What is a Protection Order? Whom does the Protection Order safeguard? Who can apply for a Protection Order? Where to apply for a Protection Order? For responses to these questions... Read more

Nonprofit Management Resource Center Opened in Kyzyl-Kiya


On February 9, 2018, Batken State University inaugurated a new Nonprofit Management (NPM) Resource Center at at its affiliate branch – Kyzyl-Kiya Multidisciplinary Institute. This is the eighth NPM Resource... Read more

Invitation to Guest Interactive Meeting on the theme: “Youth Leadership in Kyrgyzstan”


Dear colleagues, partners, and friends! We are pleased to invite you to the Guest Interactive Meeting with Aigerim Usonova, Executive Director of Professional Club ProKG, Zarina Isakova, Graduate of Central European... Read more

Dialogue with Students: Where Can You Receive Free Legal Aid?


On February 13, 2018, more than 25 students of the Law Department of Ala-Too International University attended a guest lecture on the theme “How online resources help you find legal... Read more

You can help in case of domestic violence!


The new Law “On Safeguarding and Protection Against Domestic Violence” now allows the Ministry of Internal Affairs to respond to a call without the most affected person's statement, and at... Read more