Based on emerging needs and applicant responses, CGP will award Act Now Grants for a period up to six months to support strategic and creative advocacy initiatives organized by CSOs, CSO networks, and citizen initiative groups in response to unexpected and important political, economic, and social changes. These grants could address a new law or government program, cases of human rights violations by public or private sector institutions, or other important and timely issues.


The Public Foundation Women’s Union implemented a grant project to “Promote Access to Low Interest Rate Loans” that oversaw the implementation of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (GoKR) Decree # 100, dated February 26, 2013, "On Optimization of Sponsorship” from JSC Kumtor Gold Company, which promoted employment and reduced poverty in the country. This Decree revises the former GoKR Decree # 240, dated April 12, 2012, "On Measures to Promote Employment and Reduce Poverty." The CGP grant enabled the PF Women’s Union to collect data on access to low interest rate loans, bring this data to media, citizens, and government, and work with bank management and through the government to ensure that the bank was working in compliance with the intent of the Decree.