Civic Engagement Grants aim to strengthen CSOs as advocates for an empowered citizenry. Request for Application’s for CEG will prioritize support for new and regional CSOs as well as work that supports other CGP components (such as social procurement). Advanced Bishkek-based CSOs may also receive CEG support for initiatives that are unique and have countrywide impact. Sub-recipients will be encouraged to propose innovative and creative ways to bolster citizen engagement by advancing reforms that address areas of concern to citizens including, but not limited to, curbing corruption and improving transparency within public service delivery; monitoring implementation of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (GoKR) strategies on promoting economic growth; ensuring equality of access to land, water, health services, education, social protection, or other key public assets or services; monitoring judicial decision-making, and human rights violations by state actors and promoting access to justice; monitoring GoKR anti-trafficking programs and advocating for support for survivors; promoting freedom of media; improving and protecting the environment; and advocating against the influence of criminal networks or ethnic extremist groups on the government and the legislature.


Public Union Atuul, through its grant project “Joint Reconstruction of the Irrigation Network in Karakol,” advocates for the Karakol city government to develop, adopt, and implement a new policy to rehabilitate the town's irrigation system. Karakol residents currently use clean water for irrigation, which leads to shortages in drinking water. In addition to seeking government support, PU Atuul works to win broad public support for the new system and for a long-term sustainable mechanism for oversight of the policy.With guidance from a CGP mentor, the project identified all stakeholders and their responsibilities and developed a strategy of renovation to be approved and adopted by the Karakol City Council this autumn. For additional information, visit their website: and Facebook page:

Public Union Dilanar is implementing the grant project “Establish a Budget Group (BG) of Citizen Representatives and Provide Analysis of Current Budget and Input and Analysis on Future Budget,” which has established a Public Budget Group in Ak-Dobo ayil okrug in Talas oblast. The Group represents the general public, ensuring taxpayers have input on budget formulation and expenditures and mobilizing public participation in the decision-making process so that citizen representatives can provide input and analysis on current and future budgets.

Public Fund Elsen is implementing the grant project “Mobilize Novopokrovka Village to Protect and Promote Rights for Access to Electricity.” Nopokrovka was formed as a settlement in 2005. Local authorities authorized the use of the land, but the area is not within the legal jurisdiction of any township and therefore has neither access to running water, roads, nor access to necessary infrastructure to support the use of electricity. The project objective is to bring electricity to the Nopokrovka settlement.

Public Fund Ergene is implementing the grant project “Improve Access to Health Care for Cancer Patients,” which will improve access to health care for cancer patients in all stages of the disease. PU Ergene has been using legal means to ensure implementation of the Law on Cancer Care, No. 83 to combat corruption and increase transparency in the healthcare system for oncological services. For additional information, visit: and Facebook at:

Public Union Forward implemented the grant project “Improving Conditions in Ak-Tilek Market” to improve sanitary conditions in Ak-Tilek market (bazaar) which is 22 years old and one of the largest markets in the Issyk Kul oblast. The market is privately owned with the landlord receiving rent from vendors. The PU Forward worked to increase public interest and pressure in support of renovation to hold government agencies accountable for any health, hygiene, fire code violations. As a result, PU Forward established a Working Group that developed an Action Plan and established an Advisory Board to monitor the implementation of this plan.

Nookat Civil Society Support Center implemented the grant project “To Establish an Initiative Group (IG) of Appointed Representatives that Fairly Represent Citizen Constituencies Based on Share of Contribution of Certain Sectors to the Local Budget." This project initiated a mechanism for public participation in decision-making related to the use of local budget funds for 2014 by establishing three Initiative Groups.Each IG served three ayil okrugs (local government bodies serving three villages) for a total of 9 villages in Nookat district. The Initiative Groupsensured fair local budget use and fair distribution of funds to citizen constituencies based on their contribution to the local budget. The Initiative Group monitored current budget expenditures and advocated for fairness on behalf of citizens in future budget formulation.