Call for Concept Papers  

In support of  

Civic Engagement Grants CEG Round No.4


Submission Timeframe: Concept Papers will be accepted at any time during the period of 25 February to 15 April 2015  


Maximum CGP share of budget: USD 11,000

Grant period: TBD


Number of Grants to be awarded – TBD


The USAID-funded Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) is seeking Concept Papers that will be evaluated for the purpose of identifying organizations who will be invited to submit applications for Civic Engagement Grants. 

Note that during this time period or cycle, CGP is also conducting a call for concept papers for two other types of grant.  There are multiple periods or cycles each year when CGP conducts its calls for concept papers.  CSOs may only apply for one type of grant during anyone period or cycle

Only CSOs within the Kyrgyz Republic who have completed organizational profiles and who have either received or scheduled a diagnostic assessment of their organization with CGP may submit concept papers - For information on how to complete a profile or schedule a diagnostic, visit; contact us via email at; or speak over the phone at +996 (553) 33 66 33. 

Call for Concept Papers  In support of  Civic Engagement Grants CEG Round No.4 - download here (pdf)