Consultants/Mentors to Support Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) Grantees

May 6, 2014

The Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) in the Kyrgyz Republic works to foster effective collaboration between a credible, sustainable civil society, the private sector, and the Government of Kyrgyz Republic resulting in a more responsive and accountable government and providing to service deliver for all citizens. CGP aims to improve the social compact between the government and the Kyrgyz people by capitalizing on the increased cooperation between the public, private, and civil society sectors in the Kyrgyz Republic.

A key component of the CGP includes capacity building for civil society organizations (CSO) throughout Kyrgyzstan, including the provision of mentors who can provide hands-on technical assistance in a variety of thematic areas.

The purpose of this expression of interest is to provide the Collaborative Governance Program with expressions of interest from a wide array of local subject matter experts who may be contracted for consulting/mentoring services to those CSO who have or will received grants from the CGP. CGP is compiling in advance a pool of technical subject matter experts to connect high quality professionals to rewarding opportunities in mentoring and/or consulting services for CGP's grantees.

The role of the consultant/mentor as it pertains to supporting CGP grantees will be to provide on-the-job/on-site consulting/mentoring – or if required – telephonic or online advice and/or information on issues that are deemed in need of strengthening so that the grantee is more likely to be successful in the implementation of their grant. The mentor will collaborate closely with the CSO and the CGP Grant Administration Unit, the grantee, and the Monitoring, Evaluation Officer to design a tailored mentorship program to that will promote the success of the grantee.
The Mentors will be selected based on their ability to share their relevant experiences on identified topic during grants implementation through individual technical assistance based on identified needs within grantee's projects life. The terms of the service agreement with each Mentor will average from 5 to 20 work days per mentoring/consulting assignment. 

Criteria for Mentors:

CGP is soliciting expressions of interest from local and experienced subject matter experts who are recognized experts in their fields and offer at least five years of experience in such technical areas as:

CSO development

  •  Strategic planning
  •  Grant/proposal writing
  •  Monitoring and Evaluation
  •  Nonprofit Management Law
  •  Nonprofit Management Financial Management
  •  Nonprofit fund raising
  •  Recruitment of association members
  •  Advocacy in such fields as:
  •  Judicial oversight
  •  Engaging Parliament
  •  Initiation and/or promotion of new legislation
  •  Financial services
  •  Opening or access to new markets
  •  Issues surrounding the Mining sector
  •  Issues surrounding the health sector
  •  Improving the system of social welfare (vulnerable groups, pensions, disabled people)
  •  Human Rights Protection (women/ youth)
  •  Issues surrounding the Education sector
  •  Economic Growth
  •  Improving the services and relationships with Local Self-governments and/or municipalities
  •  Issues surrounding the energy sector
  •  Water management and infrastructure
  •  Election
  •  Working with media (tools, materials, contacts, mutual needs and expectations)
  •  Public policy research as an advocacy tool
  •  Environment
  •  Techniques in facilitation, negotiation, and/or conflict resolution
  •  Techniques in networking and coalition building

Information Technology (IT)

  •  And other technical areas suggested by the respondents to this expression of interests

Note: Respondents may express interest in multiple areas of consulting/mentoring.

In addition, the consultant/mentor should have demonstrated as (verified through reference checks) experience in:

  •  Their abilities and experience in transferring skills and knowledge to individuals and organizations;
  •  Professional integrity and reputation in their professional community.

If you would like to express an interest to be in the CGP data base for mentor positions, you are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest Letter and CV (in English or Russian) to In your response to this call for expression of interest, please insert "CSO MENTOR" in the subject line of your response.

This call for expression of interests will remain open until close of business on 30 September 2014. Responses will be addressed on an ongoing basis as the requirements for mentors/consultants exist currently and are expected to continue through the end of this program which is currently 28 February 2018. Please note that selected mentors will be notified within two weeks by email that CGP has placed their CV's into CGP database.

If you have any questions, please contact Administration Unit at