The United States Agency for International Development-funded Collaborative Governance Program is seeking Expressions of Interest from individual consultants, companies, or organizations who wish to receive announcements regarding future opportunities to submit proposals to provide a series of workshops on “Successful Grant Proposal Writing”.  

The goal of the Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) is to foster effective collaboration between a credible and sustainable civil society, the private sector, and the Government of Kyrgyz Republic to deliver services, resulting in a more responsive and accountable government and improved services for all citizens. CGP aims to improve the social compact between the government and the Kyrgyz people by capitalizing on the increased cooperation between the public, private, and civil society sectors in the Kyrgyz Republic. CGP builds upon USAID’s and other donors’ previous support to Kyrgyz civil society with the goal to:

  • Support the Government of Kyrgyz Republic’s efforts to increase civil society participation in service delivery through social procurement mechanisms; and
  • Strengthen civil society’s ability to provide multi-faceted services in the areas of government oversight and input to public policy, service delivery, and advocacy.

The following details pertain to the requirement for workshops which will be further expanded upon in the Request for Proposals (RFP):

  • Workshops are to be provided throughout the Kyrgyz Republic in each Oblast although
  • Frequency of the workshops is TBD
  • Workshops will be requested by through a series of task orders that outline the number of workshops, desired timeframe for the workshops, anticipated number of participants, and location of the workshops
  • Period of performance for this requirements will be for up to 24 months
  • Each workshop will address at least ten (10) and up to twenty-five (25) participants
  • Workshops are expected to be for at least two full days (6-8 hours per day)
  • Workshop content should address:
    • Common weaknesses found in grant proposals submitted to international donors to include such donors as USAID, US Embassy Small Grants Program, JICA, GTZ, Soros Foundation, etc.
    • Required workshop components will address project life-cycle events such as: strategic visioning; conceptualization of problem-solution(s); implementation planning; project monitoring and evaluation; project budgeting; public outreach/media relations; and  reporting
    • Workshops will include handouts to include a DVD-based version of the workshop that participants will take with them at the conclusion of the workshop for future reference
    • workshop is to be delivered in Russian and/or Kyrgyz  
  • The RFP is anticipated to be released no later than 15 September and will require proposals to be received at the designated address by 1 October.
  • The intent of the award is to identify 1-3 qualified providers of the workshops.

Individual consultants, companies, or organizations who wish to receive the announcement regarding the Request for Proposals (RFP) should send their “expression of interest” no later than 12 pm on 12 September to   Expressions of Interest must provide the following information:

Name of individual, company, or organization: __________
Email Address: __________
Mailing Address: ___________
Cell or telephone number: __________