The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic creates various online tools to improve interaction with citizens. However, the majority of the rural population does not know how to use the available tools to search for the necessary information and submit their appeals to state authorities online. 
Therefore, on May 21, 2019, the USAID Collaborative Governance Program conducted a practical workshop for members of Tailan and Andarak Community Initiative Groups (CIG) on public hearings and online appeals to state bodies via mobile applications and state bodies’ websites and portals. During the workshop, the participants learned to submit their appeals to various state bodies via the online portal for civic appeals at The participants also learned how to find necessary legal acts and contacts of key state officials on the Internet. They found the text of the Law on Citizens’ Appeals and reviewed all their official letters sent earlier for compliance with the law. As a result of the workshop, the CIGs sent three online appeals to the Minister of Health (MoH), the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (MHIF), and the Leilek district authorities, as well as made phone calls to MoH and MHIFs’ hotlines.
Photo 1 CGP conducts a workshop for Tailan CIG members May 2019

CGP conducts a workshop for CIG members in Tailan.

Photo 3 CIG need time to learn how to submit online appeals

CIG members need time to practice how to submit online appeals.

Photo 4 CIG members learning from each other

CIG members teach each other and share their findings how to submit an online appeal.

Photo 5 CGP CIG Program Officer conducting a workshop

CGP Community Initiative Groups Program Officer (first from left) conducts the training on submitting online appeal via mobile application.

Photo 6 Andarak CIG members practicing to submit online appeal

Andarak CIG members practicing online appeal submission via mobile application.

Photo 7 CGP CIG Program Officer Emira Zholdosheva conducts training for Andarak CIG

CGP Community Initiative Groups Program Officer (first from right) conducts the training for Andarak CIG members on submitting online appeal via mobile.

Photo 8 Andarak CIG members learning to use online appeal submission via mobile and calling to veryfy if appeal reached

Andarak CIG members calling to the Ministry of Health’s hot line.

Photo 2 Tailan members practicing how to submit an online appeal

Members of CIG practicing how to submit an online appeal.

On May 10-13, 2019, 45 law students from all regions of the country participated in the Rule of Law School, where they gained practical communication and counseling skills. The students also participated in mock trials, and received knowledge from leading experts and practitioners in law and legal aid field.

The Rule of Law School is the avenue for future lawyers to take an internship at the Free Legal Aid Centers in the Kyrgyz Republic. It is planned, that students jointly with the lawyers of the FLACs, will be able to provide qualitative consultations within the Law “On State-Guaranteed Legal Aid”. According to the Law, the disadvantaged groups of population and stateless individuals have the right to receive free legal aid in one of the 24 Centers.

Photo 1 all together near the lake

Forty five law students from all regions of the country participated in the Summer School of Rule of Law at Issyk-Kul on May 10-13, 2019.

Photo 2 two days of study and learning

Students present their ideas on providing legal assistance at the Free Legal Aid Centers.

Photo 3 finding people in need of legal aid

Law students first went to public places to find the people, who need legal assistance and then provided them a legal consultation.Photo 4 working in a team

Students work in groups and then present their ideas and plans.

Photo 5 legal consultation to a women in need

Students conduct informational work with residents about the possibility to receive free legal aid at Free Legal Aid Centers located in all regions of the country.

Photo 6 ready to work in FLAC

The training was interactive, and all participants were satisfied with the knowledge and experience gained.

Photo 7 presenting ideas

Each participant had the opportunity to ask questions, share their ideas and plans.

Photo 8 45 students in a 4 day training

The leading experts and practitioners in the field of law and legal aid conducted trainings to law students during the Summer School of Rule of Law.

Photo 9 Law Students in Attention at 4 day training

Students are ready to undergo an internship at the Free Legal Aid Centers under the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.

On April 25, 2019, the Community Initiative Group (CIG) in Kochkor held a meeting with parents and school administration on issues related to illegal construction of the bathhouse on the territory of the public school. About 22 participants took part in the meeting. The participants agreed on a new advocacy plan, meet with the local authorities and send appeal to the Local Council. Earlier, the CIG sent several official letters to the related state bodies on this issue.

Photo 1 Local Kenesh Mykhtybek Astrakhanov and OIG leader Sadagul Sadykova 25 04 2019

Member of the Local Council (Kenesh) Myhtybek Astrakhanov (standing to the left) and leader of the CIG in Kochkor village, teacher at the secondary school Sadagul Sadykova (standing to the right) presenting the results of the Kochkor CIG activities.

Photo 2 over 22 parents and local kenesh members participated in meeing bathhouse bld

Over 20 participants, including teachers and parents, took part in the meeting re: illegal construction of the bathhouse on the territory of the public school.

On April 23, 2019, members of Tailan Nur CIG in Isfana held their first meeting with representatives of local authorities and state bodies to discuss important community issues. During the meeting, the CIG members raised two initiatives related to road safety and transparent land allocation. The Isfana Mayor’s Office invited to the meeting the head of the Mayor Office, the head of the local transport department, a senior specialist of the local land allocation department and members of the local council. Regarding the land allocation, CIG was requested to provide information about all people waiting in the queue for the land allocation and agreed to check the database of the Mayor’s Office and then find out the reasons why some people are waiting longer than others for the decision. Although the CIG exists for over 10 years, it was the first meeting with the local authorities to address community issues.

Photo 1 CIG members address issues

Leader of the CIG Tailan Nur Gulsunai Abdumomunova (standing last to the right) raising the important community issue with land allocation and road safety in Tailan village.

Photo 2 Meeting Mayor Office

Head of Transport Department of Isfana City Administration Ustajan Navruzov (second from left) informs the participants about planned activities and budget allocation for improving road security in the Tailan village.


Three rural municipalities of Chui Oblast (Lenin, Uzun-Kyr, and Kyzyl-Oktyabr) plan to address social problems through SSP and have already conducted research, identified the problems to be addressed through the public benefit projects. On April 30, during the training held in Bishkek on the development of SSP program and procedures for its implementation, these municipalities developed their draft SSP Programs and Implementation Plans.
The Development Policy Institute provides support to municipalities as part of the 2nd phase of the project “Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) and target municipalities to implement state social procurement” implemented with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP).
 Training Chui Oblast Municipalities

Thirteen representatives, including employees of local self-governments (ayil okmotu), members of rural councils (ayil keneshes) and representatives of local communities of three rural municipalities of Chui Oblast: Lenin, Uzun-Kyr, and Kyzyl-Oktyabr, participated in the training.

working in a group

Participants worked in groups to develop their SSP Programs and Implementation Plans. 

QA sessions

While working in groups, the CGP/DPI trainer is always ready to answer questions and help with the development of the SSP Program.

Gender balance 13 reps of chui municipalities

The representatives of rural municipalities were busy with the development of the SSP Program and Implementation Plan for their municipalities.