Law on Social Procurement

The USAID-funded Collaborative Governance Program (CGP), in partnership with the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) and Development Policy Institute (DPI), worked with central and local government institutions and civil society organizations on improving the regulatory framework for social procurement resulting in a more effective collaboration between civil society and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (GoKR).

CGP,ICNL, and DPI worked with the Ministry of Social Development (MoLSD),  the Parliament (Jogorku Kenesh), other state and local government agencies, and CSOs to accomplish this goal. The program’s initiatives involved development  of a new Law on State Social Procurement (LSSP) and successful efforts to advocate for the adoption of the law; improving existing social procurement regulations and procedures; harnessing the political will to advance reforms in the area of social procurement; and broadening the scope of social procurement beyond the MoLSD at the national and local levels.

To support the successful implementation of the new Law on State Social Procurement, adopted by the Parliament and signed by the President on May 3, 2017, CGP, through the Development Policy Institute, is strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, its territorial units, local self-government bodies (LSG), and civil society organizations that will be actively involved in the process of introducing and implementing the LSSP and the associated secondary legal acts. CGP technical assistance at the national and local government levels is developing the human and organizational skills required for monitoring and evaluation of social procurement implementation in accordance with the approved social procurement mechanisms.

Law On Public Councils of the State Bodies

With a view to establishing a long-term strategy for GoKR - CSO cooperation, CGP supports the human and institutional capacity of the Coordination Board of Public Councils (CB-PC) as well as Public Councils of State Bodies. The Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Public Councils of the State Bodies” establishes the desired dialogue platform between Civil Society and Government, and as such, CGP is assisting the CB-PC, PC and CSOs, to improve the implementation of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Public Councils of the State Bodies”.

CGP provides technical support to the CB-PC, including the following:

  • develop a common understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Coordination Board of Government Agencies’ Public Councils (CB-PC), as per the existing laws and regulations,
  • define clear roles and responsibilities for its members as well as useful organizational processes and procedures, and
  • raise awareness and build support for this approach in a cooperation strategy between civil society and government through the development of a plan for the CB-PC to communicate more effectively to its constituents and stakeholders the activities and achievements of the CB-PC.